Posnet Server is a RESTful API for Posnet printers. System supports all Posnet printers available on the market. Posnet Server can be run under Windows x86/x64, Unix x86/x64 (Debian, Linux, Ubuntu itp.) and arm7, like RaspberryPI or QNAP devices.

System allows sharing one fiscal printer between many applications. Additionally, system eliminates all complexities of integrating websites and proprietary systems with fiscal printers. Integrators do not need to create any C++ code nor use any libraries to implement Posnet protocol. Any command is simply send as to a typical RESTful service using the HTTP / HTTPS protocol and processed by the printer.

Common system architecture is usually like below:

Thanks to the Posnet Server, architecture can be reduced to one fiscal printer. Additionally, the same printer can be reused by other systems or applications which was not possible before (commands can be sent from websites, scripts, console, any applications, etc.)

Here is an example of command to print receipt:

The command above will print the following receipt:


Each distribution package contains a RESTful API definition compatible with OpenAPI 3.0.3. The current definition can also be downloaded from github.com (https://github.com/bigdotsoftware/posnetserver) or opened in swagger editor using this link: https://editor.swagger.io/?url=https://download2.bigdotsoftware.pl/github_posnet_swagger/swagger-3.8.yaml

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